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Split WiP Chapter 5: In Which Yukio Tries

Words are coming slowly due to various IRL issues, but I keep plugging away.

But, he would not accept losing Rin while he was still alive.Collapse )
Another necessary in-between bit to get things moving again. It may need some tweaking.

Rin and Yukio were avoiding one another.Collapse )
Yes, Chapter 4 is finally finished, and the tricky bit along with it! Now, on to other developments.

So then,” said Mephisto, without looking, “what is Father’s decision?Collapse )
Augh, this scene has been fighting me, and I'm still not sure if this will be the final version. But, it's my current favorite.

C’mon, where’s your sense of fun, Four Eyes?Collapse )
I'm going to try a new naming scheme with these posts so they're a little easier to tell apart.

And, Rin was nowhere in sight, Shiro realized, cursing.Collapse )

Split WiP Chapter 4, Part 5

Progress is still going slowly as the necessary setup bits fight me. Though I did make some revisions to Yukio's last scene that I think will help the flow a lot. Anyways, here's a bit more.

Then, he was suddenly back, shoving the plate at Yukio with the demon’s long, black tail practically wagging behind him.Collapse )

Split WiP Chapter 4, part 4 (AnE)

I feel like this chapter is just creeping along for some reason, but it's all necessary plot material. At least Yukio's awake now too.

Rin’s bed was empty, the sheets thrown back in a messy ball.Collapse )

Split WiP Chapter 4, part 3 (AnE)

So, Rin is now whole. But, there are still a few issues to work out.

A smile that couldn’t be for him. Not *this* him.Collapse )

Split WiP Chapter 4, part 2 (AnE)

This is a fairly low-key setup bit, but, hey, Rin's awake again.

Rin woke to a hazy, comfortable softness.Collapse )

Split WiP Chapter 4, part 1 (AnE)

And, the opening to chapter 4 takes us back to Yukio finally. It's about time. Although, I'm honestly a little shaky on this bit, so it may change later. Any thoughts on Yukio's characterization are welcomed.

If we exorcise the demon, Rin will die.Collapse )