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Split WiP Chapter 2 Changes

Sorry for the absence here. After a brief, brutal fight with cancer, I've lost my oldest supporter, proofreader, and constant source of encouragement. Getting back in the groove of... anything hasn't been easy.

But, here's a brief snippet proposing a re-write of a scene from chapter 2 from Mephisto's PoV.

Mephisto smirked to himself at the open hunger in the boy’s face.Collapse )
Yes! Finally knocked out this scene and, I think, this chapter. I had wanted Shiro and Yukio to have a heart to heart because Rin seemed to be getting all the father-son talks. But, instead, they wanted to have this wordless, companionable understanding going on.

Is that any way to talk to your father? / Only when it's true.Collapse )
Grah, an ongoing illness in the family has my writing schedule all off. But, this scene is moving, if slowly.

There were so many other things he wanted to be doing.Collapse )

Split WiP Chapter 5: In Which Yukio Tries

Words are coming slowly due to various IRL issues, but I keep plugging away.

But, he would not accept losing Rin while he was still alive.Collapse )
Another necessary in-between bit to get things moving again. It may need some tweaking.

Rin and Yukio were avoiding one another.Collapse )
Yes, Chapter 4 is finally finished, and the tricky bit along with it! Now, on to other developments.

So then,” said Mephisto, without looking, “what is Father’s decision?Collapse )
Augh, this scene has been fighting me, and I'm still not sure if this will be the final version. But, it's my current favorite.

C’mon, where’s your sense of fun, Four Eyes?Collapse )
I'm going to try a new naming scheme with these posts so they're a little easier to tell apart.

And, Rin was nowhere in sight, Shiro realized, cursing.Collapse )